Custom Mouthguards in Anchorage

Alaskan adults and children are active and involved in many types of sports activities such as hockey, football, track, hiking, ice climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog racing and many more. That is why we at Ersland Family Dental are firm believers in mouthguards as an invaluable protectant against injuries to the mouth and your smile.

Ersland Family Dental is the Anchorage dentist that has made custom mouth protectors for years, and many of our patients — from high school athletes to adult and middle-age sports buffs — swear by our laminated mouthguards. Our custom devices fit better, last longer than store-bought varieties, and they certainly provide better protection. Custom mouth guards are made to fit your mouth, so it will not only fit better, but you will find that you will wear it more often!

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