Children's Dentistry in Anchorage

Child's First Dental Visit

In addition to general dentistry and professional cosmetic dental procedures, Ersland Family Dental is proud to offer children's dentistry in Anchorage! As a result, we can offer comprehensive dentistry to your entire family!


Anchorage dentists Nile Ersland and Ryan Ersland are committed to making your child’s first visit to the dentist a positive experience! We know that children's dentistry needs to be handled with special care and attention starting at a young age.


We will review the following children's dentistry steps with both you and your child during your visit because we want to ensure a comfortable "no surprise" experience:

• Review your child’s medical and dental history
Complete a thorough oral examination to assess growth and development, oral hygiene, injuries, cavities and/or other problems
Clean the teeth and provide suggestions about daily care
• Evaluate and optimize your child’s fluoride exposure because too much or too little can lead to problems
• Review feeding practices and provide dietary counseling
• Assess your child’s risk of developing tooth decay
• Provide information regarding oral development, teething, pacifier or finger/thumb sucking habits and injury prevention
• Plan for any needed children's dentistry treatment on the next check up


We also recommend the tips below to ensure a great first children's dentistry visit:

• Schedule a morning appointment if possible. Children tend to be more rested and cooperative in the mornings.
• If you have any dental anxieties, try not to convey them to your child.
• Do not use a dental visit as a punishment or threat.
• Try to make your child’s dental visit an enjoyable outing.


By starting visits at an early age, you will help your child build a lifetime of good dental habits! If you have any questions or concerns about children's dentistry at Ersland Family Dental, please feel free to call us at 907-276-1621.


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