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Happy Father's Day!!

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2 years ago
What to Eat When You've Had Dental Work Done - American Dental Association

If you ever have dental issues like dry mouth, canker sores, problems chewing or others, this article gives you some good insight on what to eat while these are occurring.

Are you struggling to eat with braces or after oral surgery? Here are some suggestions on how and what to eat when you're having dental issues.

2 years ago
Summer Dental Hygiene Tips – American Dental Association

Check out these great summer tips for keeping your teeth happy and healthy. It is easy to let the summer take you off track when it comes to you and your dental hygiene routines so these tips will ... See more

Summer can be a season that throws your daily dental routine off track. Find out how to keep your smile strong.

2 years ago
5 ways to pack your kids a healthier lunch - Delta Dental

Great tips to keep your kids healthy while they are away at school.

These tips will help you pack a lunch even your child’s dentist will approve of.

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